Vango Force Ten

There is also some more info on these is on the main Vango page

An icon. THE mountain ridge tent that can take anything the weather can throw at it. Holds it value immensely well, even old and tatty ones are in demand. Be aware they are not all Canvas and that there is a range of Nylon fly Force Tens (usually green whereas the Canvas is usually orange) The tough A frame is field repairable and spares are readily availabe

Available as 2 berth, 3 berth and 4 berth, confusingly called Mark 3, Mark 4 and Mark 5  (?!)

Mark 3 (2 person)
Sleeping pod of 250 x 135, height 115, porch approx 70. Overall floor plan of c320 x ???

Weighs just over 7kg

Mark 4 (3 person)
Sleeping pod of 265 x 150, height 130, porch approx 80. Overall floor plan of c345 x ???

Weighs just over 8kg

Mark 5 (4 person)
Sleeping pod of 265 x 190, height 160, porch approx 80. Overall floor plan of c345 x ???

Weighs just over 10kg

Allegedly the early Canvas ones were not all orange. Production moved to China in 2006?

we really need someone who knows these tents to add more info here please, not a model we have ever used

In terms of alternatives, this really is almost a one of a kind tent. Blacks of Greenock (who's factory was just up the road from Vango in Glasgow) made the Good Companions A Frame tents and some solid ridge tents too. If you like the ridge tent aspect/looks but are not so bothered about being able to survive mountains and snow storms then the Cabanon Isabelle and Relum equivalent are probably much better value for money - and almost certainly not orange too

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