Sunncamp Gites

A very popular and reasonably available tent, the Sunncamp Gites comes in 3 sizes, though the smaller 3 berth was dropped from the range in the late 1990s. The Gites has everything you would want in a medium sized Framtent, including sun canopy and kitchen extension

Only things to be aware of are the relatively narrow bedroom pods, 1.2m wont take a typical double airbed (1.4m is common) but will take 2 self inflating mats (typically 0.6m each). So, as ever, take the claimed berth number with a pinch of salt

The less common Gites 3 would make a lovely couples tent and the Gites 5 a good family tent if you have a young family, those narrow bedrooms maybe limit the appeal of the Gites 4 a little. Still a lovely tent though

Sunncamp 1994 Catalogue:

Sunncamp Gites 1994Cat 1 1024px

Sunncamp 2000 Catalogue

Sunncamp Gites 2000Cat 1 1024px