Relum Super 7

Relum made some wonderful family frame tents and the 7 was probably the most popular

It seems to have come in Super 7, Super 7K, Super 7KX, Super 7KK Plus variants - and maybe a few others besides. Most of the models we have seen for sale have been 8 Leg Frames but some models are clearly larger than others

The largest model (no idea of the proper model number sorry ) was a big beastie of a frame Tent but dearly loved by those that have them. Fairly regularly turn up on Ebay so should be able to find a good one close by

Loads of room (plenty of weight) and good Relum build quality too - what more could you want . Here we have a couple of pictures of the last models, the larger picture is a Super 7 KX and the small one Super 7KX Plus (we think 'Plus' refers to the sun Canopy)

Need more info please about odel difference etc please and some better pictures too

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