Relum Canaria

Relum built really nicely put together tents, and in the later models the colours still look modern today

The Canaria 4 was one of their more popular models and seems relatively easily found on the used market for very little money. There were also Canaria 3, Canaria 5 and Canaria 6 variants. Some later models also had a Kitchen Extension (like the one in the picture) but these seem pretty rare on the used market. This is one of the last models from about 2004

Approx overall size: 3.6m x 2.5m
Approx bedroom pod size 2.3m x 1.9m (thats cozy for 4)

In the 1980s the colours tended to the browns and oranges but for the 1990s grey, turquoise and burgundy were popular (but we could be wrong on that so don't use this info to date a tent !)

earliest model seen -
latest model seen -

colours seen
Cream roof, brown walls and orange walls with Relum stripes in brown/orange/cream
Cream roof and walls, burgundy accents

We may create individual pages for these in the future:
Canaria 3 data
Canaria 5 data
Canaria 6 data approx 3.8m x 3.8m with 4 + 2 bedroom pods

please, any user pics, specs, or a review would be great

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