Hago was (still is) the definitive camp kitchen system. Incredibly adaptable, strong, pretty well made and in some great colours, whats not to like? What is great about them is the legs are very secure and they can be set up in all manner of combinations

A lot of people with old Canvas look at these, though I am not sure how many actually end up buying and using them as the good ones tend to be quite pricey on ebay (we have seen mint set ups go for over £100) but then they can be much cheaper elsewhere - a lot of the cheap ones can be quite rusty but if you feel the need to colour match your tent or go for a purple metal flake paint job mayeb thats a good excuse

Thankfully there are modern copies (alas of lesser quality and less interesting colours) available for sensible money from people like this Royal which can be found for similar money to a well used Hago

NEED - Hago history of company, what else did they make and what happned to them ?