De Wit

These days De Wit are a big Dutch tent retailer, who have also rebadge some Cabanon tents to enhance their product range. If you see a De Wit in the UK it is almost certainly an import as, as far as we can tell they were not sold here. It is unclear if they have ever made tents themselves but De Wit tents are common enough on the used market in Holland

Current Models

We have a rebadged (almost) Cabanon Guadeloupe 4 berth pyramid. We have a modified twin upright 6 berth pyramid not unlike the Barbados. And we have the Barbados itself

In large Frame Tents there is what looks like a modified Satellite 6 and what looks like a modified Espace

And even a trailer tent, though not being an expert the model is unfamiliar to me

The Group Tents section has an interesting selection of Patrol and Bell tent styles that may appeal to the more retro camper

They even stock models no longer listed in the Cabanon range, for example this nice looking (but quite curvy) Chamonix

Older models

Markplaats is the place you will find them. Almost never seen used in the UK


As a family run business it is proud of its history and, for once, the website has some proper history of the company with pictures of the factories and staff. If you Dutch isnt up to much then try Babelfish or Google Translate
De Wit History in Dutch.  History translated by Babelfish History translated by Google

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