Cabanon Vis-a-vis Luxe

An interesting tent that in Luxe form has somewhat more room than other Cabanon Vis-a-vis tents. The basic Vis-a-vis has sleeping pods of 205cm but the Luxe gets an extra 50cm, which makes quite a difference in use

Cabanon also claims that a "separate flysheet helps to ventilate the inner tents in hot weather". If you like Vis-a-vis arrangements then this would make a superb tent for longer trips and hot weather on the contintent

Not sure of the model years on this one, was certainly around in 1996 (which the model numbers in the original brochure below suggest) and it was still listed in 2001 (the Blue & Green model on this page) but not in the 2006 brochure (alas we dont have any brochures from 2002 to 2005)

Dont see many on the used market so suspect that not all that many were sold in the UK. The one we have seen for sale came with the accessory Sun Canopy which makes this tent even better for continental (or hoyt UK) weather use

We have one user review of the tent from David below. David also kindly sent us a copy of the original Brochure shown here too

Please if you have any more info, picures, user views let us know and we can share them here

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