Blacks of Greenock

An Icon British tent maker, Blacks of Greenock is now part of AMG group, along with the Force Ten range, Vango and Lichfield
Started by Thomas Black in 1861, who set out to make sails in Greenock the company by gradually moved over to tents and related canvas good as sail was replaced by steam power. Still hand made in Glasgow
No self respecting scout troop would have anything other than a Blacks patrol tent. They also made the famous A frame Good Companions, Major and Minor tents from the 1930s to 1970s. These could be used as the basic tent or an extra flysheet added for more protection from extreme weather or heat. There was even an extended flysheet to make a much larger cooking/living space outside the tent. Not uncommon but very collectible

Another fascinating model in the line up is the Safari, a small and very robust Frame Tent. You dont see many of these about

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