Camp Fire (Baker) Tent

Very popular in the US for wilderness and Canoe trips. Famous canoeist and wilderness explorer Bill Mason loved his and you can find some designs for these in his books. They seem much less widely known in the UK though

You can find a nice Canvas one at, we have yet to get a decent photo of one we can put on here, in the mean time this drawing is from a US based historic and classic tent maker (and we hope they let us keep using it, if not we will take this pic down)

In construction they are pretty simple, much like a simple ridge tent but they can be configured in so many ways as the individual elements of the tent (eg roof, walls etc) are not all sewn together. The reason they are called a Camp Fire tent is they are designed along the lines of a Scandinavian forest shelter, the fire is built in front of the tent and radiates heat into it


Very adaptable design

Not actually that hard to make your own


Tracking one down in the UK might not be easy

Pretty pricey for what they are


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