What can I get for £60?


A lightweight Canvas Tarp from Obelink (only in beige or grey) will offer lots of opportunities to adapt the space outside your tent. The main poles are a hefty 32mm and 2.35m high so it creates a lovely outdoor space. We use ours in the garden as a gazebo too. If you like the idea of a tarp but want a heavier fabroic or diffrent shape then the price goes up a lot unfortunately

An Igloo MaxColdMax cool box in one of the smaller sizes will be a great addition if you camp more than a couple of nights. Designed to keep things cold for 5 days or more (but to do that they have to be filled with ice and left to melt, like they do in the USA) they are excellent pieces of kit. Supposedly much thinner and more effective insultation than the Coleman Xtreme range

Some top quality self inflating mats. Most people find they are so much more pleasant to use than air beds. A 2" thick one is easy to pack and pretty comfy. The 3" or even 4" thick ones are very comfy but pricier and a bit bulkier to store and transport. Worth it for a great nights sleep though

Camping wardrobes can add a sense of order to a camping trip, if you like to be organised these are nice (and probably well cheaper than £60 if you shop around). The only thing about them is the time it takes to assemble and disassemble them, though some rapid erect ones are now comning on the market

Used Kit

For the Glamper this amount of money offers all manner of potential treasures to Glamp up the tent. A trip to a car boot, auction house or antiques fair will offer a plethora of rugs and trunks, candle holders and bunting, cushions and throws - whatever takes your fancy

A full stove and gas bottle set up should be less than this, but make sure you get it checked out by someone who knows what they are doing. You might also pick up a Hago kitchen in good condition, though a fair few on the market are a bit tatty/rusty


From £50 and up is where the choices of used Canvas start to become more practical and interesting

Something like a Lichfield Challenger (extended porch ridge tent) could be found in near mint condition for this kind of money. An XL will sleep 4 in comfort. Relum (and similar brands) of extended ridge and (occasionally) Pyramids can be had for this much. The Relum Paradiso is an interesting (if slightly kitsch to some eyes) design of Vis-a-vis. You are very unlikely to find a Cabanon Pyramid anywhere near this money but you never know

Lots of Frame tents go for this kind of money or even less, smaller sizes of Family Frame Tents and poorly taken photos push the odds in your favour on Ebay. Ask lots of questions, choose carefully and go see it if possible. Pretty much all the main brands made Frame tents in the 4 Berth Chalet style so you should have plenty of choice. As ever, try and know the model a bit and make sure it is complete with inners, roof liners and curtains etc. Often dated colours can put bidders off on Ebay, if bright orange, dazzling turquoise or lurid purple is okay with you then see what you can find. Brown seems to be the most unpopular though. If you can buy from a local source and avoid Ebay you are more likely to find a bargain. Have a look in the where to buy Canvas and Kit article for more ideas

Well used Scout Patrol tents also start at this sort of money. Great space but not exacly luxury, for a bunch of mates looking for a few nights away these are great, and you can sell them on in the summer for no financial loss once you have had your fun

Something else

A trip to one of the free or cheaper festivals like Wicker Man maybe, though £60 will only get you one night there

Please - all ideas and thoughts welcome on this page

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