How young, how old?

How young ?
You will find stories of people camping with their babies from a few weeks old, not having done it we can't comment on how that could play out but it would brings its own challenges

What parents who took babies camping have told us is - to be very organised, be very prepared and be very chilled about things. At this age the little one sets the agenda and most parents know what that means. Camping just adds a new dimension to things - if you want to try camping with babies it is reasonably likely you know what you are getting yourselves into

We introduced ours to camping at 2 years old and we were slightly suprised that they didn't seem to like it much. They found it all very exciting but wouldn't settle down to sleep at bed time and everyone was rather grumpy the next day. We didnt persist (maybe we should have) but in retrospect trying to stick to the home bedtime routine was significantly unhelpful  - if we did it again at 2 years old we would let them run themselve ragged and put them to bed when they were exhausted. The single nights away we tried weren't the most relaxing way to go about it either. We also thought about a night or two in the garden, or a 2 night trip with lots of things for them to do but those early sleepless nights constraint are willingness to experiment. One thing we would definitely suggest is to go with other people/friends (ideally who have kids too) to share the chores and the joys

By the time ours were 3 years old we could take bikes and they could explore more independently. They still couldn't settle at the end of the day (too excited maybe, even with a 9:30 ish bedtime) but we persisted with longer weekend trips and an enjoyable routine emerged - often we would all have a nap in the tent in the afternoon and the grown-ups had a stiff drink early evening and let the kids have some fun. It was round about then we realised how great Canvas was for camping with kids as most of our neighbours couldnt go in their plastic tents on a hot afternoon

By four years old they were really getting into it, they had been able to pick their own sleeping bags, pack their own stuff to take and had opinions on what to do while away. The hard bit was them getting used to making new friends, having lots of fun together and then saying good bye at the end of the trip. I guess the holiday friendship bit won't ever go away.

How old ?
Not having teenagers I am wondering when things will change for us. Right now our children are pretty young and want to come with mum and dad. Sooner or later they will probably want to have a pup tent of their own and I guess the sorts of sites they will want to go to will change too . . .

please do share any ideas or stories of your own and we will put what we can here

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